A Letter from the Residents

Welcome to the Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Department of Emergency Medicine Residency. 

It is with great pleasure we are able to invite you to gain a glimpse into our incredible four year training experience in the South Bronx as Emergency Medicine Residents. The "Lincoln" experience, as we call it, carries with it a great deal of pride and respect for tradition and those who have paved the way for where we are today. An experience only a select few can share. Lincoln, among other Bronx hospitals, provides care for approximately 1.4 million people within a 40 square mile radius. Founded by Joel Gernsheimer MD, Lincoln is one of the Northeast regions' oldest training programs and regularly anointed one of the busiest emergency department in the United States. With an annual census at times reaching greater than 180,000, Lincoln offers an unparalleled experience for trainees.

Many consider the South Bronx historically to be one of America's most violent neighborhoods associated with "scoop-and-run" first response as indicated and a nearby "walk, or run-in" ED. Our experience is not just about the open thoracotomy, closed tube thoracostomy with penetrating trauma, our experience is about advancing community health due to it’s vulnerable state. The need is great. The pathology is vast. The presentation is both acute and chronic, often acute on chronic. The role is critical. The expectation is high. The attitude is humble. The volume is immense. The comaraderie is strong. The education is invaluable. Any walk home can be filled with either the most humbling or gratifiying thoughts of your life. You can receive a lecture about penetrating facial trauma, then it can run in, grab you in the hallway and stare you in the face. 

There is no doubt that Lincoln tests you every minute you are there. The ED is crowded, understaffed, in an underserved community with not enough resources. The population presents you with the challenge of speaking languages you’ve never heard of. Native Spanish speakers struggle with patient’s colloquialisms and dialects of another Spanish speaking native. There is no hand holding, this is not "cushy", there’s no question this is a difficult place to work but it is definitely rewarding in character, skill, knowledge and taking ownership and being an advocate for your patients.

Lincoln is a fully accredited ACGME emergency medicine PGY1-4 training program. We are seeking well qualified and motivated applicants to share a part of the Lincoln experience and become highly qualified Emergency Medicine Physicians ready for anything, anytime so that after four years you too can say, "I trained at Lincoln" and always remember where you came from. 

The Residents


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— Claire C.