When Lincoln hospital first opened it was split into three sections: surgical, medical and pediatrics environments; each being covered by their respective specialty. At the time Jacobi was the only ER program in NYC. Word spread and it was obvious that their graduates continued to work in the ER. Lincoln quickly noticed the benefits of having a residency and the value of emergency medicine trained physicians. Lincoln and Metropolitan at the time worked closely clinically and educationally.. The idea was to start a joint emergency medicine residency between the two hospitals. In 1979 Judith Tintinalli came to NYC to evaluate the sites. Upon review she felt the two hospitals deserved their own residencies. Both hospitals were academic centers, provided trauma, vast pathology and volume leading to quality training. The next year Lincoln hospital had an emergency medicine residency and the first year of residency was 1981-1982. The program at Lincoln was structured to be a PGY2-3 position with the first year having been a transitional year rotating through all of the services. There was one resident who had transferred from a program which was closing in New Jersey. The following year there were 6 incoming 2nd years and the lone 3rd year. Dr. Gernsheimer was key to the initial founding of the program and worked as both PD eventually becoming director of the year. Eventually, in 1989 the goals of the staff was realized and the ER was approved to be a single department in 1989 run by various ER residents and those grandfathered into the field of Emergency medicine.


Lincoln has a storied history of not only emergency medicine expertise but also the expansion of the field. Early Lincoln EM graduates went on to help create EM Programs elsewhere and then run as Program Directors. Examples of this are Dr. Fred Schiavonne at Stony Brook, Dr. Michael Luchessi at SUNY Downstate/Kings County, Dr. Theodore Gaeta at Methodist, Dr. David Levy at Temple, and Dr. Thomas Swoboda at LSU Shreveport, Stephan Rinnert at SUNY Downstate/Kings County, Dr. Richard Lanoix at St. Luke's Roosevelt, Dr. Michael Radeos at New York Presbyterian of Queens and Dr. Mary Anne Edens at LSU Shreveport.. Also, Marc Borenstein who was an early Program Director at Lincoln helped create the EM Programs at UConn and Newark Beth Israel. In 1997 the program was an integral part in developing an academic relationship with Cornell while paving the way for a program to be developed at NYP Queens. These great individuals help spread the word of EM from Lincoln to other places and many of the residents that they helped train did the same. The legacy of Lincoln Emergency Medicine is expansive and has quietly influenced the practice of emergency medicine in big ways ever since the inception of the program.