The LHC Emergency Medicine Residency

The Emergency Medicine residency at Lincoln Medical Center was founded in 1981, and has graduated over 200 residents. The program currently has full accreditation from the ACGME as a PGY 1-4 program. While at Lincoln, residents are exposed to all aspects of emergency medicine, gaining ample experience in trauma resuscitations, medical resuscitations and pediatrics.

At Lincoln, the general approach to training residents is that of graduated responsibility. All shifts in the ED are 12 hours, except for the evening shift before Wednesday conference and day shift after Wednesday conference, those shifts are 8 hours; this allows residents to participate in conference and be well rested. While on an ED block, first year residents are required to work 19 shifts and are responsible for gaining an understanding of the emergency medicine literature as well as honing their skills in the workup, management, and disposition of emergency department patients. Second year residents are required to work 18 shifts per block and continue to increase their knowledge while improving their ability to handle a multitude of patients with different levels of acuity.

As a third year resident, you are required to work 16 shifts per block and take an increased responsibility in caring for the sickest patients and leading resuscitations. Fourth year residents working 15 shifts per block assume the role of RIC (Resident In Charge) during clinical shifts. As RIC you assume a more supervisory

Trauma experience at Lincoln is like no other residency program. There are approximately 1200 traumatic admissions each year, 75% blunt trauma and 25% penetrating trauma. The ED cooperates very well with the trauma surgery team in managing these trauma cases. In addition to experience with these cases in the ED, residents spend one month in the surgical intensive care unit, where they are actively involved in continuity of care and long term management of trauma patients.

Another major focus of the EM residency is point of care ultrasound (POCUS). Residents use POCUS for a variety of purposes including the FAST exam, obstetrics, echocardiogram, peripheral and central venous access, and much more. All EM faculty are trained in bedside US and advocate its usage. We have a very thorough US education program and by the time residents graduate they feel very comfortable using the ultrasound for procedures and diagnostics. See fellowship page for more information.

As a Lincoln EM resident, you have the opportunity to complete your toxicology requirement at the nation's premier poison control center (NYC Poison Control) at Bellevue Hospital, spending one month learning from the "father" of toxicology. Other unique rotations offered throughout the residency include 2 weeks of EMS with FDNY, 2 weeks of working with EM administration to gain an appreciation for QA, PI, and the business side of running an ED. A number of electives are available including: burn care/plastics, dermatology, forensic medicine a number of others.